Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

PHP Editing

So my job involves editing a lot of PHP. Can anyone out there recommend a good editor that meets the following criteria?

* Not Eclipse (or based on Eclipse)
* Not NetBeans
* Supports XDebug (or Zend Debugger)
* At least some nod to code navigation features
- something like the Eclipse 'outline' window that lets me click on method names
- something like the Eclipse 'explorer' feature that lets me click around my project

You'll not that I actually like a lot of the individual features of Eclipse... but I don't like the fact that it periodically seems to send my computer into a thrashing state that requires a reboot. And before anyone suggests it, no, upgrading my computer isn't an option. Nor is switching my OS, nor switching languages from PHP.
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