Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

5 minutes with the WoW 3.1.0 PTR

So, I installed the PTR and played around for about 5-10 minutes. Here are my first, vaguely informed, impressions.

Dual Spec: Huzzah! Been waiting for this for ages. Seems to work. Haven't really put it through its paces yet. It does everything it needs to, though - swaps out your talents, glyphs, action bars and key bindings. It takes 10 seconds to do while you're out of combat. Wow. This is looking to be an amazing addition to the game.

New Talent UI: Never again to waste 50g on a mis-click! You get a 'learn' button when you respec, so that you can fiddle your talents until they're right.

Gear Sets: While this is almost certainly a welcome addition for people not already using a UI mod with similar features, I'm not going to get rid of Outfitter. My very brief experience with it was that it was buggy and hard to use. It was almost guaranteed to mess up my weapons and/or shield - especially when I used it in conjunction with dual spec. Oh yes - fun dual spec foible in the current PTR: if a warrior swaps from a Fury/TG spec to prot... you'll still have your two huge two-handers equipped while you're prot. I'm assuming this will be fixed, but it was funny. One issue with this feature is that it allows you to select an icon... but it doesn't have any process for choosing sensible defaults. Outfitter lets me choose an icon for my outfits by selecting a piece of gear in that outfit.

Still to come: new quest tracking UI. I enabled it, but haven't spent any time questing yet.
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My main observation on dual spec so far is "boy howdy, we really need mod authors to notice when spec is toggled and Deal". In particular, I had to diddle my buff mods whenever I hit the swap-spec button -- sometimes buffs go away, and other times buffs change dramatically in value (eg. Healadin does not want Might; Retadin does not want Wisdom). Yeah, the feature it self seems to work fine.
Sounds like you had fun with Pally Power.
Never used it. Always seemed too "big" for me, and also my paladins are far from my most-played characters. The one I'm mostly using is "SmartBuff", which even works for warriors and death knights.
Nice. Most raiding paladins I know use Pally Power for its ability to coordinate pally buffs across a raid. On my druid, I just use Healbot's buff features. On my... oh yeah, I really only play warrior and druid.

Might be worth checking out SmartBuff. I tend to forget my shouts when I'm prot. When I'm fury, they last 5 minutes, so it's much easier to keep track.
Heh, I play at least two of every class. Admittedly, only three of them are level 80 and raiding (Death Knight, Hunter, and Druid), but still.
I only just got my druid to 80 recently. I don't actually enjoy leveling very much, so it took me a while to work up to doing the 70-80 level grind a second time. I think I did the 60-70 grind three times, and I've only done 1-60 a total of maybe five times. On the other hand, there are some classes I just don't enjoy much. Hunter and rogue being two of them. My paladin only started being fun past level 20.