Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

What a day...

9:00 AM -- wake up. I meant 8AM... forgot to change my clocks...

10:00 AM -- Call the state, make sure I have all documentation needed to renew tabs

10:30 AM -- Show up at vehicle licensing center... I'm missing a piece of documentation that they forgot to tell me about

11:00 AM -- Show up with additional documentation. Find two typos on the doc... explains why they couldn't find it in their computer. I'm told I have to get my emissions inspection corrected before I can proceed.

11:15AM -- Sneaky suspicion causes me to double check my VIN... turns out the inspection station got it right, and my car has been registered under the wrong VIN.

11:30AM -- Already a shitty day, I stop for lunch

12:00PM -- Go back to the licensing center to get temp tags and now I have to visit the State Patrol for a VIN inspection.

12:30PM -- Legal to drive for 15 days, and I have an appointment to fix the typo on my registration on Friday. State phone system kicked me out three times before I reached a person. Person was very friendly and helpful.

1:00PM -- Finally able to get to work after all this running around, I discover that the land lord has changed the garage codes without telling me... again. I am unnecessarily snippy with the building manager.

Isn't privatization wonderful? If I still lived in Pennsylvania, I could've had this all resolved, most likely, in under an hour. The people I'd have been dealing with actually are allowed to make corrections and fix problems. After I get my registration fixed, I'm pretty sure I still have to run back to the emission testing station to get them to fix their inspection record... since they wrote down my license plate number wrong.
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Never ends. Damn cars.

Ironically I didn't forget to change my clocks, but I still forgot to go to bed at an hour not unholy (so that I got stuck sleep deprived when the alarm Did go off :-D)