Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

Ask the Internet: Linux mouse

So, I've grown fond of these modern mouses with their profusion of buttons. It has the normal two buttons that normal people use, a pressable scroll wheel, "forward" and "back" buttons that Windows maps to web browser functions, three buttons with cryptic labels and fallout icons, one more with a pictograph for "your mom", and several others that I simply can't understand.

Well, ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Nonetheless, I use Linux as a desktop OS at work fairly regularly, and those extra "forward" and "back" buttons never quite seem to work the way I'd want them to (usually, they don't work at all). My scroll wheel seems to work just fine. Are there any Linux nerds out there who have some familiarity with all this, and who might assist me? If I'm missing some obvious document floating about on the sea of tubes, please feel free to inform me.
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