Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

I love my job... really

So... Seattle is hot right now. My Australian friends tell me that 85F is actually cold. But they're Aussies and live in a giant damned desert and have to contend with things like Wombat wrestling on their commutes. So we can safely assume they're crazy.

So let's see here. I work in an office. It's pretty typical. It has forced air heating and cooling through vents.

A vent

Another vent

Those vents don't work. Nobody knows why. Could be the heretofore unknown Northwestern Duct Wombat. Anyway, we've been complaining about this to the building management all week. We actually know for a fact that the building is owned by an Australian. And apparently his madness extends to the tubby dude who fixes the AC. At one point, it was suggested that we close all the blinds and open all the doors, including the one to the server room... because the server closet AC works. I'm fairly sure he was high at the time.

So this heat isn't surgically targeted at downtown, but also affects my apartment in West Seattle. Today, I went out and bought myself a lovely free-standing air conditioning unit. Alison and I have spent the past few days reviewing them and picked out one we like that also had the merit of being available for pickup at a local Sears. That's why I was late to work today.

I was also told that the AC guy came in and, low and behold, did something useful! And oh, did he ever! Mind you, this did not come in the form of fixing the ducts. He was thinking outside the box! He did so in a very literal sense. I immediately noticed two things on the way to my desk today.

I call it the ghetto box fan

Have you ever had a feeling of DejaVu?

Ok... the ghetto box fan was good for a chuckle... but the exciting AC solution in the code pits literally had me stopped and staring for a few long moments. My apartment lacks central air. My landlord has some rule that I'm not allowed to use a window-mounted AC unit. I didn't expect this marvel of modern engineering to show up in a building with central air. But the final, true and grandest piece of this is yet to come. Witness, if you will, the installation of the exhaust hose...

Technical Perfection... um... perfected

It just doesn't get any better than this, folks.
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mmm european floor airconditioners, I have to admit I like them better than the window mounted units, but dear lord that's a little... ghetto... for an office with supposedly central AC
Well, the thing is, they work ok, but they're not anywhere near as energy efficient or effective as a window model.