Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

More on grad school

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. Currently planning to apply for a Masters program starting next fall. There are a number of part time / evening programs out there and I've spoken to two of them so far. Solid letters of recommendation and GRE scores have a good chance of offsetting my poor grades (assuming I get really good GRE scores). I have a little over a year, then, to review topics in undergrad math and CS, study up and completely destroy the GRE, and line up 1-2 letters of recommendation beyond the one I already have.

The letters of recommendation are the only part of this that I don't have a plan for. I've got one from a professor at CMU who's been very supportive and helpful, answering questions and so on. I'm not sure who else to talk to. It may become apparent as I work on my application. For now, I'm not entirely sure.
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