Aaron Goldstein (bredmold) wrote,
Aaron Goldstein

Full of fail

Today has been full of fail. I'm going to chronicle all the fail just for kicks.

Alison gave me a copy of the Aion installer. Windows XP unzipper says it's corrupted. Deleted it and tried to download off the net.

Attempting to download the Aion installer failed. FilePlanet doesn't work for Firefox. No really. They require an ActiveX control to download.

Tried to download Aion from the other web site listed. Failed to start downloading after 15 minutes of waiting.

Tried to download Aion via BitTorrent. This actually works... just slowly. By this time, Alison had copied the installer to my computer again, and using something other than Windows unzipper resulted in a functional installer.

Aion installer is distrbuted as a ZIP archive, rather than a self-extractor. Fail.

The space bar on my keyboard crapped out within 2 months of purchase. Again. Back to the old wireless that I've tried to replace twice now. I have to recommend against buying this keyboard.

Aion won't let me copy/paste a password during the login process. I use an encrypted password DB and don't know most of my passwords. Having to select and remember a password is very annoying to me.

I own a copy of PlayOn. I'm not entirely sure why. So far, I can't recommend the thing for anyone else to purchase. It works about 30% of the time for viewing Netflix movies via my PS3. About 60% of the time for watching Hulu streams. About 90% of the time for watching YouTube streams. And the Amazon Video On Demand support is completely and utterly broken. About every two weeks, they tell me to update to the latest version, but I can't tell the difference from one to the next. It doesn't seem to improve. And they don't publish release notes.

The upshot of my gripes about PlayOn is that Alison and I meant to spend the evening watching movies, but we can't get PlayOn to work at all tonight. Or rather, it seems to only want to show Ghost In the Shell: Solid State Society, which is really not worth watching.

EDIT: Forgot to add in the story about ordering dinner. We ordered food from a local sandwich shop. Normally they're not a problem. Tonight, they left out part of my order. When I called to tell them so, they pretty much accused me of trying to scam a free sandwich out of them. At least they didn't charge me for it. I hung up and bitched to Alison. Alison called them back and bitched. They sent me a sandwich... which got charged as a cash order... which was inconvenient, since I don't actually have that much cash on hand.
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