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bredmold's Journal

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Aaron Goldstein
10 June 1975
I'm Aaron. Professionally, I'm a computer programmer. I spend my free time gaming, programming, watching anime, reading manga, reading novels and bullshitting on AIM. On rare occasions, I also go out and do things involving other people. Ok... I really spend most of my free time in World of Warcraft these days.

This journal is used for basically three things. I post inane updates about my life, whenever I feel like it. Typical journal stuff. I post anything that tweaks my sense of humor. Trying to be funny. Finally, I post political and philosophical rants. Trying to piss people off.

I'm way too lazy to maintain multiple journals to take care of all this stuff, so it's all or nothing. I almost never friends-lock my posts. What I write here is usually safe for all the world to read. I rarely have any need for comment filtering, friends locking or other obnoxious bits of pseudo-security. Let's keep it that way.

As of the beginning of 2006, I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA. This was a big change after twelve years in one place. I'm currently enjoying my time here.

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